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The Angry Hen

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6 Years
Dec 17, 2016
My Coop
My Coop
Hello Friends,

I hope everybody is doing well.

My Blue Cochin hen is acting partly broody/depressed.
Sometimes I feel like she is sad, since there is no rooster.
Or because she hasn't hatched any babies.

I do not know if those are the reasons,
but she is making very quiet broody sounds and walking slowly.

She gets up and drinks, but she doesn't seem happy.

The other thing is that she LOVES to normally play,
like if I or my Dad have a shoelace, she loves to play with it.
She seemed happy this morning when she was scratching around on my jeans...

But, when I leave she looks like a lost soul.
Should I get some sort of toy or something to put in the coop?
If so... What kind? Where would I order or get it?

Please let me know! I am sorta worried about her!

Thank you for viewing!
-The Angry Hen
She wants a rooster so she can have some babies!!!:ya:ya

I am taking a guess you are right Leah!
She would make a great mother!! I should get a rooster either way, I want babies!

She's probably broody. Is she staying in the nests all day? How long has this been going on?

She has been like this for... I would say a week and a half? Yes! I think so.
Thank you for responding!

Hens go broody without roosters, it doesn't make a difference to them. ;)

People without roosters often give their broody hens fertile eggs or chicks to raise.

I was thinking that too!
I will try sticking a few eggs from another flock under her, I'll ask my Dad! ;)

Lots of speculation there......and no real facts.
Does she want a rooster and chicks...or do you?

Does she sit on the nest most the day and all night?
Hoe old is she?
Is she laying?
Is she eating and drinking?
How do her poops look?
First off, yes I know it is up to her.
She is 8 months old, yes she is laying eggs.

I figured I would say the what she was doing,
and I would figure out what she would like to do.

Thanks for responding, I don't know the last time she pooped,
with eight other hens, I would have to be out there for an hour to see what happens.

Yes, I want babies for them, yes I want a rooster for them,
but I don't know what she wants.

For all I know, she has been broody before.
When my one buff orpington went broody, but the rooster wasn't fertile.

I KNEW she was sad,
she got sick and she is still alive, but the point is, I knew she wanted babies.

People say some hens will go broody, not wanting to be a mother, but because it is in her instinct. I believe that there is always a reason for why they go broody.

Just my thought,

-The Angry Hen

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