Depressed RI Red?


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Jul 21, 2016
Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, just got my first ever chickens just under a week ago :) I have 6 chicks, each 5 weeks old, all different breeds. They all seem to be getting along well, all quite boisterous, no leader of the pack as of yet, however my RI Red is really timid, always outside of the rest of the group. I'm keeping an eye on them and have not seem any bullying... She's eating and drinking, active, just seems like a loner! Am I being a bit neurotic? Could she just be quiet by nature? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!
I'm new to chickens too! I had one from the get go that was the leader and one that was really adventurous. I only had five, all Easter Eggers so I can tell them all apart and one was just always kind of off on their own and like you say, a loner. That one turned out to be a rooster-ha ha. I didn't and still don't let it bother me, they are all different just like us and have different personalities. Mine are all very friendly to me though, even my roo.
Oh no! I don't think my neighbors would appreciate a Rooster living next door! Hopefully she's just happy doing her own thing... Without a 'thing' :O Fingers crossed! Thanks!:D
lol I was seriously worried about my neighbors, they LOVE it, isn't that weird? I actually had TWO of the five turn out to be roosters but one of them (along with the new chicken I got from a friend) got taken by a fox!! I will say having just one is far better than two

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