Depressed Rooster?

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    Jul 29, 2010
    I have a RIR rooster who had a sore foot or leg last week and stayed in the henhouse. I gave him some food and told him to relax and checked on him frequently and he stayed lame for another day. After calling someone at Tractor Supply to ask about the possibility of Bumblefoot, I was told that was not possible, that his feet were probably sore because the roost was too big and square(they're made of pine 2x2). It seemed odd that he would be the only one, but I dutifully went to the hardware and got a plane, rounding off the corners of the roost. He seems less sore, but he's still staying in the henhouse unless I let them out of their yards to forage.
    Crabby is one of five roos, with 11 hens, so I know I have to cull; just not ready yet. Recently a very large raccoon got into the henhouse when I got home late and killed one of the hens, eating it right there while some were still roosting in the henhouse. Of course they were terrorized. After I ran the raccoon off I retreived the rest of the birds, disposing of my poor little hen and then emptied the henhouse of bedding and scrubbed it out before rebedding it with fresh.
    The reason for this long story is that I am wondering if he is just more sensitive than the rest and is still afraid. His appetite is good, but he will not socialize with me (not unusual really) and one of the hens comes in to sit with him frequently, as if in sympathy.
    Chickens are new to me, so any input will be appreciated.
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    Sounds to me like he has a physical problem. Take a picture of the bottom of his feet and post it here.

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