Depression or Injury?


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Aug 13, 2018
So to start, my chicken story began with adopting a rooster, about 10 weeks old I believe, from a friend of a friend who got a batch of chicks with too many rooster.
Then we added more chicks to the group, and they are now about 3 months old.
Well, the chicken run was finally complete, so my husband decided it was time for them to meet the rooster. And they were okay the first night, but the second night one of the chicks was killed. She looked smothered. I told my husband to keep the rooster separate and he didn't. Third night nothing. Then this morning we have another dead chick! We are down to 2 chicks now, and the rooster is in a kennel inside the run. One of the chicks seems fine, our bantem, however, did not want to leave the coop. She wont eat, wont drink, if she falls over she just stays there. We thought she was dead because of that. Until I got close and saw her breathing.

She doesnt seem to be pooping any more, but I'm not entirely sure. And im not sure if she is injured, because I have no idea if what I see is normal. Ill attach pictures, but it looks like on her stomach there is a bone or something sticking out. I'm not sure if she is just skinny and wet, or if something is wrong, because I can still see feathers attached.


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First I would not have introduced the chicks to the Roo, they should have been integrated. Which is done by a See but No Touch Method ... Put the newbies in a protected wire cage with food & water into the coop with the Roo/flock or section off with wire part of the coop so they are protected from being peck/picked on or killed.

It look like the keel bone broke through the skin, that bird is staved ... Is the pics of the same bird? Probably not eat due to fright or being terrorized by the Roo. It maybe too late but I would isolate her & get some Nutri Drench for her, get her eating ... Boiled egg yolks, wet her feed, tuna anything high in protein but get her eating.

Did I miss anything? @azygous @casportpony @Wyorp Rock @Eggcessive @WVduckchick @KikisGirls Thank you in advance
Yes, same bird. I was too late.

I agree, they should have been integrated and tried to say that from the beginning. But my husband has been doing everything animal care because I am pregnant.

I tried to rinse her to check her vent, she perked up at the start of the bath, but at some point, I think she just gave up.

Now to cry my eyes out and then make sure nothing happens to my last little chickie or my ducks.
Thank you guys.

Not sure if this last little chick will be a rooster or a hen (larger comb than the others had, but no pointy feathers that i can see). But maybe I will get him/her new chickies later on. For now, I will just enjoy my one little chickie and watch to make sure the ducks are good company. (Ducks are the same age. I think maybe a pekin and a khaki Campbell. Though the one we thought is a pekin isn't really getting to be all white yet)

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