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  1. dtzackus

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Cumbola, PA
    Hello, I am using an old kid hut that used to be part of a swing set. I am trying to figure out how tall the opening should be so the chickens can get in and out with no problem. I think I have it at 15 inches high by 17 inches wide. I am still playing around with the design so I figure before I screw everything together, I'd better make sure I have it right.

    Also, The hut is propped up via a platform which is 29 inches high, I already cut 15 inches off the legs so I can easily grab the eggs. Should I put a piece of plywood on the steps from the ground to the hut (coop) or will the chickens be able to "hop" or "fly" there way up via the steps.

    Thanks for any advice,

  2. dtzackus

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Cumbola, PA
    Also, I know I will need a nest for each hen, does the rooster require a nest as well? Thanks again, Dan
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    My pop door is 15x15 - works great. If you're doing the deep litter method, make sure to put the hole about 9 inches above the floor level so the shavings don't fall out each time you open the door.

    I'm a little slow... is the door 14 or 29 inches off the ground? 29 inches is a bit of a hop, especially if they have to aim for a doorway... Might want to consider a landscape block or a boulder for them to have a "step". If it's only 14 inches, then they probably don't need a step. Just my $.02.

    BTW, you don't need a nest for each hen... I have 4 hens and they share a community (bit larger than normal) nestbox. I've caught up to 3 hens in there at once - they like to share (either that or they don't want to wait?). I don't have a rooster, so can't answer that one for you.
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    Exactly what CityChook said.

    I believe my chicken doors are in the vicinity of 10" wide by 14-18" high, if that also helps any.

    While roosters do not require a nest, not laying eggs [​IMG], remember all the chickens WILL require a roost to sleep on. Allow a foot per chicken (i.e. a 4' long roost for 4 chickens) if possible; you can go as little as 8" per chicken if necessary but that doesn't allow any room for anyone to dislike or avoid anyone.

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