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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I have shipped eggs and most have detached air cells. The pic is from Day 10. All of my eggs, including a repaired cracked egg have live embryos. My average weight loss on Day 10 was 5.5 %. According to my calculations, the target weight loss on Day 10 should be 6.2%. Please leave comments for the following. Does this air cell look OK to hatch? Does the evaporation look about right? Not all of the eggs have this much evaporation. Should I be concerned about shrink wrapping? I have been dry incubating, because my relative humidity has been between 70% and 90%. My incubator humidity has been keeping 40% to 45%. I have no issue with temp as it is stable between 99.4° and 99.5°. You can't see the veining in the pic. But, they are there. 50-10 means 50 grams on day 10. It is marked 53 on the other side.


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