Deter Nesting Box Sleep w/out Blocking Off - Nearing POL


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I have a question regarding the box, if they sleep in there, what is the potential problem?
Main issue with them sleeping in nests is that they'll soil them, which means more chance of poop on eggs as well. If you don't care about that then it's really up to you if you want to stop them from sleeping in the nests.


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May 8, 2020
Thought I'd share a quick update. Our dear Ginny managed to bust down the cardboard barricades to not one but both blocked off boxes! 🤦‍♀️ She is persistent! I will have to try taping them; I only had them leaning against the opening and thought that was enough.

There's another one that I left open because we have a new layer whose 2 eggs have been found after dark and first thing I'm the AM, so I want for her to have it available to lay in rather than seeing it's blocked and laying on the coop floor.

I'll keep at Ms. Ginny... Thanks as always for the input. Love BYC!

Do you think maybe she'll change her ways when she's older and laying?
Maybe try placing a gallon jug (could fill with water if she tries to push it out) in her box at night


Mar 21, 2021
Maybe try placing a gallon jug (could fill with water if she tries to push it out) in her box at night
That's a really clever idea! Thank you!

She's been mostly good about it, now that her preferred boxes are securely boarded up. She occasionally goes into one of the remaining 2 boxes. I keep those 2 open because at least one of our pullets is laying and switches between them both.

I actually determined that the reason she goes into a box is when she doesn't get her preferred spot nestled between 2 girls on the roost at night. If she's the last to go in at dusk and gets stuck on the end, she goes into the box. She likes to be snuggled on both sides--by feathers or plywood. 😁

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