Determining the Sex of a Duckling

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by InCal Chick, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. InCal Chick

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Hi All,

    Two IR duckling's, 2 weeks old are available to me. However, the Seller doesn't know the sex of either & I have no idea. Any resources or links available, you want to refer or your own expertise. I have two Drakes & would like to stick with Males.

    Or, I'll need to get a large number of females, so the Drakes aren't knuckleheads.

    2011, my neighbor (we live rurally) allowed me, their thin & sickly 5 Mo. old Poultry flock, neglected & being pecked off by Predator's. Of the original 24 total, a dozen each of "Easter" Ducklings & Chick's. I got a total of 6. Including, a Mallard, Drake that flew in & couldn't leave after being wounded in a Predator attack. I wasn't a Poultry person then, in fact the ONLY animals, I had no experience to, were Poultry. Helped by neighbor's, Vet. & patient Farm Supplier, I intended to get well & re-Home. And, I fell head over heels for the Silver, IR, Female. And, the Drakes & 3 Chicken (Golden Sex links) Hen's, too. Keeping those Drakes from bugging the 1 Hen, was A LOT of work. And, thank you.... To the Maker's of the "Super Soaker" for the nifty training tool. On arrival, she spent 3 full day's, around the clock, going from water to feed. Didn't lay an till she put on 3 lb.'s & took 4 Month's to get her w/in 200 feet from me. Then she did.... Wow! IR Ducks are amazing, really cool little creatures. At least she, was. Smart, trainable, affectionate. She liked to run up my lap & wrap her neck around mine, listen to my Carotid Artery, beat & run off quacking over & over. I've never heard of or seen this action before, from any animal. She housebroke faster than most Cat's, I've had, but we don't talk about that much here, at the House, my Spouse "Not So" into to Poultry indoors as me. ha.

    Lost my sweet, sweet girl, 2013, Vet., punctured Intestines, during egg bound, surgery. Happened, during the first time she'd been off Contraceptives (mentioned, I was banana's for her).

    Like this Group, great submitter's, Teacher's, each of ya. Please.. PHOTO'S of Silver, Indian Runner's, greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Apr 4, 2011
    Only ways would be DNA or vent sexing.

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    Jan 5, 2014
    So cute! You can tell the gender at this age only by vent sexing, but this should be done by someone experienced as it can hurt the ducklings if done incorrectly. At around 6 weeks old, the ducklings voices will start to change. Girls will develop a honking like sound and boys will develop a rasp. Another way to tell their gender is the boys will have curled tail feathers while the girls won't. And of course, if you see any eggs you have a girl :)
  4. InCal Chick

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Thank you, for reply. I just located a UK site, that refers to this same subject. -INCal Chick

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