Dewlap Toulouse geese


10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
I have been raising Dewlaps for years and recently have noticed an increase in hobbyists. I think its great! We enjoy them so much. Our goal when we started raising Dewlaps was to bring their numbers back and as it seems they are. They are great as protectors for our ducks and chickens. They are so large and yet so docile. I would love to share pictures with anyone who also raises them. I love to pick brains of fellow waterfowl raisers. Here are some pics of mine today enjoying the short lived warm weather.
Thank you!
Yes they are all very docile..Its kind of funny as we have about 50 geese and we have never had any come after us. Sometimes during breeding season one of the ganders of our Sebs will lower their heads to let us know we are too close to one of their girls. But otherwise no I actually think the Dewlap Africans are the same as the Dewlap Toulouse. Very relaxed. The term Gentle Giants rings true.
Beautiful!! I bought three full grown geese this year. One being a full Dewlap and looking much like yours. I believe she is a female. Also in the group was a plain toulouse and one looks to be a mix toulouse and dewlap. My female dewlap is the noisy ornery one. she hisses at me constantly but hasnt attacked me. only attack was from the plain toulouse gander...although for the most part he is the friendliest if treats are offered. He will eat from my hands.
I hope to get some pictures of my geese to post. I love the looks of dewlaps and wonder where you are located. east central Florida here.
Your Dewlap Geese are beautiful. This year, I bought four full grown geese, a gander & 3 females, all Production Toulouse, about 2 years old. They are a group and really stick together. We have really enjoyed them as they are very calm, friendly & graceful. They like to stay close to the house and 1 of the barns. I have them two kiddie pools -- they don't like the pond, but it is a distance from the house so safer for them by the barn & house.

They have taken over the dog's bed in the barn.

here are some pics:

Mine also love the water! Your Toulouse are in great feather condition. My daughter took this picture after school today.
They are such docile birds, we get a lot of company and the kids have friends over all the time. I guess they are well socialized. Geese are so personable. What other birds do you have?

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