DFW Area, 7 Week Cockerels to Rehome! (Free if you pick up)


Apr 2, 2022
Granbury, Texas (near Fort Worth)
I recently hatched eggs from a farm down the road. I have six, 7-week-old cockerels, three Rhode Island Red (RIR), one RIR and Cream Legbar (CL) cross, and two beautiful but unknown hybrids. To be clear, these guys are looking for a new home or someone to take them for freezer camp once they get a bit bigger. One or all are free if you come get them. I live in Granbury, southwest of Fort Worth, due south of Weatherford.

I believe the white hybrids are from the same hen with the "Dominant White" gene and one each from the RIR and CL roosters. What would have been black doesn't have color. It really makes a beautiful pattern on them both. The Cream Legbar/Rhode Island Red cockerel is a handsome fellow as well. He seems to be fairly gentle and possibly would be a good flock rooster eventually if you don't care about pure breed. He's also the fastest maturing of the group. All are acclimated to people and come actively looking for treats when you put a hand in the enclosure! They are young enough that you could still hand train them to be pets-- as much as their eventual adult disposition will allow.

I've included photos of the Rhode Island Reds as a group and individual photos of the crosses. For readability, I deleted the full-size images, but the thumbnails will enlarge. PM me if you'd like to discuss. Thanks!


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