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    OK I'm pretty new to forum messege boards and DON'T text. My question is what does the "D" stand for in "D" Husband, "D" Wife etc. I'm assuming it means "Darling" but could be wrong. Around my house, "D" could mean something much much worse! Thanks in advnce for informing this old RN... and I don't mean Registered Nurse!
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    Feb 9, 2011
    yep - you got it right - Darling/Dear....took me a while also, I think there is a thread on all the abbreviations. Just wait till they strat throwing out the abbreviated breeds at ya [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks, I figured as much. As far as breeds go, They already have... most I already know, the ones I don't doesn't really bother me. Not new to chickens, just messege boards.
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    Dear (or d*mn) Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son, BoyFriend, etc.... The list goes on....

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