DH is such an enabler!


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
I have never accused my husband of being the reason we ended up with more animals than planned, but Sunday night he was definitely the reason we ended up with more than expected. Yesterday was his birthday and he has always wanted some of the mallards TSC sells, so last week I brought home 2 of them as a surprise. That was supposed to be it, no more ducks! But Sunday we happened to be in town so I wanted to go back to TSC to see what they had for banties. All they had were 3 lone ducks and 10 banties. So I get a box and am planing on picking out the 6 I wanted to take home, when I look up and DH has also grabbed a box and is putting the 3 ducks in it! He said, "we can't leave then here all alone!" Grrrr...i said fine. Then as I finish picking out my chicks he says,"You can't just leave those 4 here all by themselves!" Geesh...where did this behavior come from?! So I came home with an extra 3 ducks and 4 chicks, don't tell him I'm thrilled about his attitude, he might quit helping clean the duck brooder out!
I have to say I have one of those enablers too. I have 5 labs to prove it along with 127 chickens and well ya know we will get more this year (of chicks that is). I have to say I love it but pretend to not like it at all so he won't stop doing all he does cause well its more fun to work together with the animal hobby. But this year we will be adding goats to our place (shhh dont say anything the easter bunny is bringing them for me). I love when they tell secrets and we are not suppose to know lol gotta love those DH that enable.
Aww, That is awesome. And I too have one of those Hubby's. At the last poultry show we were at, I turned around for a second and when I turned back he had bought fertile Emu eggs, I just laughed and took the eggs from him to take them to the car. Well I come back and he's buying a sportsman Incubator, because it is set up for Emu Eggs, so I give him a look, but inside I am going
. Then I see his pattern, when I am not around he buys stuff, so I wander off and come back to him holding 5 BCM eggs
. He gives me a hard time, but he is Worse than I am! So even though I am thrilled with his purchases, I still give him a hard time!
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) he is only a bird enabler. I've had to "trick" him to get most of our other animals. When e first moved to our house, it hadn't been lived in for almost 2 years and there were lots of mice. I said, let's get a cat! He aged to ONE cat, so that's what I got, ONE PREGNANT cat

Luckily he hasn't gotten too upset over anything, I just need to figure out how a goat or a calf could just show up in our pasture...still working on that one!

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