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DH has asked me to find pictures of what I want before he starts building them. I know I've seen examples of what I want all over BYC, but finding them again is another story!

What I'm planning for is a droppings board about 3 feet high (storage underneath) with the roosts about 8 inches or so above it, and chicken wire to keep the birds out of the droppings. Planning on using pine shavings on the board, making a lip to hold them in. We have a door that opens from the outside to clean out the poop area. Roosts will be 2x4's, and 4 feet long. I'm planning on 2 of them about a foot apart. Like this:


Birds will access from the front. Should I make them the same height? Will they be pushing each other around to get to the back one if I do make them the same height?

We'll be needing 2 nestboxes (for 8 birds). They will be about 18 inches off the floor and we'll collect the eggs by a door from the outside, although the boxes wont be sticking out from the main building like some I've seen. I'd like a perch on the front and the top slanted so they can't roost on top of them.

Hopefully somebody has some examples that I can show the DH! I'm terrible at explaining to him what I want!
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Here is from the outside before we painted...

We have 7 nest boxes total, all with access from the outside.


A view of the roosts on the left. My girls like theirs up high and they fly right up everyday.


Here is a pic of the coop from far away but you can see the nest boxes sticking out on the right side of the coop.


Here is buffy standing outside a couple of the nest boxes on the inside.

Sounds good. Use the wide side of the 2x4 for them to sit on; they really don't like to hang on, and it this way they can sit on their toes in the winter and keep them warm; no frostbitten toes. I'd put them a little further apart than 12", more like 18". I also prefer them at the same height, to prevent their fighting over the top one. They only need about 8" to 10" of roost per chicken, so 8' total is plenty. They'll still argue over the "top bird" position on the roosts, but at least this stops the arguing over the high one.

You got some nice looking nest box photos there, a lot fancier than mine!

Have fun with you chickens!
Here is mine (please not my chick have not yet started laying and I have closed in the front of this box a bit since this picture)




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