Diagnosing meyer lemon tree problems


11 Years
Jul 1, 2008
Portland, Oregon
I have a meyer lemon tree that has failed to thrive in basically every location I have available. I'm admitting to myself that my house isn't the proper environment for it and I'm going to search for a better owner, but in the meantime, I need to figure out what specifically it's lacking right now to try to help it out. The leaves are droopy and kind of wrinkly, but still very green. Some of them are yellow at the tips, but not the dried-out-looking yellow...closer to the over-watered yellow, but somehow I don't think that's it either. I've been trying to follow directions I read to water it once a week. Some places say keep the soil damp and others say it has to dry out fully before you water it again, so really I just don't know what I'm doing with this thing. I kept it in the greenhouse for a while and that caused its first near death experience. Since then, I managed to bring it back to life, but not happily.

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