diarrhea but not parasites or cocci


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
My buff opington has had diarrhea for five days now. She is 26 months. Not been laying. Very watery with white. Sometines more solid but i have to bathe her for the mess. Active eating comb red. Vet tech that did fecal said no parasites or cocci but could be bacterial but i would need to bring in chicken. What treatment (drug) would you use and where do i purchase? All other hens great! Thanks.
Stop the Rooster Booster and give her regular layer feed only and the diarrhea should clear up. Too much vitamins and minerals added to the feed and/or water can cause diarrhea. There also might be an ecoli bacterial imbalance. You can give her probiotics: Probios only or buttermilk mixed with scrambled egg in her feed will help get bacteria back in balance. Dont give yogurt, it has a tendency to pass through them and is not as easily absorbed as buttermilk. The scrambled egg is extra protein to help build up her strength.
Thank you for the advice. I had just started the Rooster Booster every day about the same time the diarrhea started. Just hit me over the head with a hammer!!
. Makes sense it is too much.

I ordered Big Ole Bird priobotics and will follow the dosing as per bottle.

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