diarrhea in Button quails

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    My four 2 week old BQ chicks seem to have some diarrhea going on. They seem to be a little ruffled up to, but since the feathers are just coming in, I can't tell if its because they are preening all the time. The cage has been cleaned fully twice, and I spot clean if there is a large amount of waste in an area. No respiratory signs. They are in a 10 gallon aquarium, with a red heat lamp. Temp was 90 this past week, Just reducing to 85 degrees today as they are 2 weeks old now. Top of cage is a wire mesh lid. Seem to get decent air flow. Still really active (read - have had to chase 3 around the room after they got out of my hands!)

    They are getting "Game bird starter crumbles by Loan Star Products of TX A complete balance formula for all game birds with 28% protein", Hartz bird grit with calcium, and powdered OsteoForm. I change the water several times a day.

    Should I treat with Sulmet or something similar? Or is that toxic to BQs? Let me know, so I can go pick up what I need. Should I add vits and electrolytes to their water? I have VetRx as well, any benefit to using it on them right now? Its normally for respiratory problems right?
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    I think I would mix up some plain prepared oatmeal with some yogart. Feed them that for their breakfast for a couple of days and see if that helps. The oatmeal will firm things up a bit and the yagart will do some balancing of the gut. Let us know how it goes [​IMG]
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    Quail can easily get bacterial entervires (sp). Look it up on gamebird sites.

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