Diarrhea, runny nose and wounds on Edgar


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Sep 25, 2014
 I've been feeding the ducks near my local pond and noticed a male mallard I called Edgar was injured. Some witnesses say a snapping turtle got him in the foot. I called animal control and they allowed me to take him home.

This is where we run into problems. Edgar is extremely stressed. It was quite evident. I couldn't just put him back in the pond in pain. I gave him a small dose of aspirin (half of one) and wrapped his foot if there was an open gash. He was started to walk better after we wrapped him up.

He's been pooping green poop. It was normal until an hour ago. It suddenly got runny. (Poop colour: Green)


I just did a very quick google search, there is more info very likely:


This sounds like of like it matches the symptoms; especially diarrhea. I would add sugar, a bit of salt and tiny bit of airbourne for vitamin and dehydration purposes. If you can access a Tractor Supply or similar place, they sell vitamin & electrolyte powder packs. Hydration is important with diarrhea. I'm not sure that you need this (like literally not knowledgeable enough) but they also sell antibiotics and other meds.
Better! We let his foot air out and he walked better on it than before. He's learning his name and also found that he enjoys watching us sweep.

We called a few vets,but were turned down. (We can afford much right now since we found out my mother needs emergency gallbladder surgery)

However, we might take Edgar to a wildlife place so we can get him evaluated.
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We took him to the wildlife rehab. They said they more than likely won't return him home once he healed.

I cried for four hours. I've known him since he was a duckling. I haven't cried this much since my grandpa died.
Oh that's so sad and I'm so very sorry about your loss. Did the wildlife rehabers give you a reason 'why' they wouldn't return him home, with you, I'm gathering. Is it because he came from the wild to begin with or ??? Seems like the old saying rings true in this case...'no good deed goes unpunished'
I'm sooooo sorry!!!

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