Diarrhea. What to do?

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    My apologies as i haven't been on this forum for ages. I've been trying to focus on my studies and assessment work but i need you help.

    It's Priscilla, yes this chicken seems to cope all the bad stuff dog attacks, getting almost drowned in a swamp etc..
    Right now i pretty sure my little bub is sick. She is constantly lying in the sun sunning her self, she looks like she is breathing weird and as diarrhea, like plastered to her feathers she is constantly trying to poop. I want to take her to the vet, but mum says it's just a chicken so i'm going to have to work through this on my own, hopefully with your help.

    I noticed its a day or two ago, the diarrhea that is, i thought the maybe she just ate or pecked at some bad food. But it's gotten worse.

    Right now she is just standing in the sun, i placed loads of water around the yard so she is near a water source 75% of the time. I can pat her too which is a big sign that something is wrong, normally one pat and she's done with it but i can constantly stroke her and she wont make a fuss.

    What should i do? I don't want my other chickens to get sick. Am i just over reacting? ( <-- that's probably the case -.- )

  2. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    She could probably use a bit of plain yogurt and some apple cider vinegar in her water 1 TB per gallon. Wash her bottom off with soap and water and trim the soft feathers around her vent. Make sure she doesn't have vent gleet. Have you had any coccidiosis there in the past?
  3. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Give her warm water baths several times a day to loosen any accumulations of droppings. As Eggcessive said, give her yogurt, as this is beneficial to the digestive tract. You can also get special probiotics for chickens and other animals, instead of using yogurt.
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    Thank you guys. She also has a swollen neck and watery thick fluid on the beak when she opens it it's on the side of the beak, not good at explaining but you know who sometimes if your sick you get like a spit bubble when you open your mouth, it's like that. I really want to take her to the vet but mum says she is just a chook. I have given her a nice warm nest box to sleep in, and have put worming stuff in their water in case it's from worms. An searching google for her sickness and treatment but do you guys have any ideas? Any help is valued.

    THANKS :)

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