Diatomaceous Earth and Chicks??


11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
West Central Wisconsin
When can you start giving diatomaceous earth to baby chicks if at all??? AND since it is hard to mix in my feed, how much per bird should i put in their feed???
Im not quite sure when you can start giving it to them or how some people do. If you do get it be very sure that it is Food Grade. You can dust it on your birds or let them dust bathe in it too if you wanted. I don't know much on it hopefully someone will post that knows more.
I found this "Chickens 5% in feed, also add to dusting boxes"
I don't think they think need to, just want to know how to use it if they decide too.
DE is also a natural pest and parasite killer.
I wonder, if you don't want to waste it, if you could sprinkle it on yogurt...?
The feed I have been feeding mine since I got them has DE in it already, so I'm sure it's safe to give them. Don't use it in your house - it's apparently very dangerous to breathe. And wear a mask when pouring or handling it.
It not dangerous to breath, if you have the food grade. The pool filter one is the danger. Unless you have asthma or something like it, then they both are bad for you.
There are also some people taking it, not just chickens. If you don't mind a long dry read, go to the wolf creek ranch website and read what they wrote. Or read one of the threads on here - there are a lot of them. I mistakenly decided to do a bunch of reading on this stuff (I'm picky like that - read 20 thousand things before deciding on anything).

I"ve read that it also reduces fly and odor problems if mixed into the feed - but as someone already posted it MUST be food grade. But I don't know when you can start giving it - that would be good to know!
I agree. I also read that "long dry read" LOL and I ended up ordering some. I use it in bedding (hay) in their feed, sprinkled it on the lawn to reduce flies coming near the back door (it works- but then there's "powdered sugar" all over the lawn) and have put it in their dust bath. I have also been drinking it in my juice in the morning. I have no idea how early is best to add it to their feed, but I have chicks due in 6 days, and I will probably add a little to their feed. I don't see how it can hurt.

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