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i use diaomaceous earth to worm all fowl i have. it is not a poison so i don't have to have a heart attack if my 2 yr.old grand baby gets into it.i use around a cup in a 5 gallon barrel of feed mixed in there feed.i use it in there coop to keep down on any bugs they might get.i also use it as a flea powder on my 4 legged animals and there wormer.it works great as a bug remover in your house.
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Just because it is a natural product doesn't mean it is safe. It contains silica crystals which do irritate lungs by drying the tissue and cause even bleedings. You are supposed to use some form of respiratory protection when using it. It is effective and better then poisons out there, but it does need to be taken with caution. Birds are very susceptible to the dust of it and you need to make sure they don't breath it.


Safety considerations

The absorbent qualities of diatomite can result in a significant drying of the hands if handled without gloves. The flux-calcined form contains a highly crystalline form of silica, resulting in sharp edges. The sharpness of this version of the material makes it dangerous to breathe and a dust mask is recommended when working with it.

The type of hazard posed by inhalation depends on the form of the silica. Crystalline silica poses a serious inhalation hazard because it can cause silicosis. Amorphous silica can cause dusty lungs, but does not carry the same degree of risk as crystalline silica. Natural or dried diatomite generally contains very low percentages of crystalline silica. Diatomite produced for pool filters is treated with high heat (calcining) and a fluxing agent (soda ash), causing the formerly amorphous silicon dioxide to assume its crystalline form.

The crystalline silica content of the dusts particulate is regulated in the United States by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and there are guidelines for the maximum amounts allowable in the product and in the air near the breathing zone of workers
i have never had any trouble with it.i have used it for 2 years now.i started using it when a friend of mine started using it he has peacocks,pheasants emus turkeys and all.i love the stuff it gets rid of all the worms in one shot.i worm in early spring the vet i use says it is safe.and he now uses it his kennels.
It's safe if done right. The dust is not safe. Once in the soil it is not an issue. It is used by the poultry food industry and plenty of feeds contain it. Just make sure your birds are out of the way when shaking it onto the soil.
What about putting it in the shavings in the coop? The chickens will scatch around in it and that causes dust, will it harm them?
It can. And small children certainly should not play in it. Just because there is no obvious damage doesn't mean it won't cause long term harm to lungs.

I use, it, too, but in very small amounts, a light dusting occasionally, in the coop, to control mites and lice.
That is a good question and I don't know the answer to that one. I personally don't use at all, because I don't know what happens when it gets dry and the wind blows around. All I know I don't want to get in into my lungs, my dogs lungs, my cats lung, and my ducks lungs. I life in a very dry climate with daily afternoon winds which can blow it up. I know many use it to control flies etc. What I do is clean the coop daily. I use pine shavings and have a scrubber to broom it out every day. I then dump the stuff under my shrubs etc. So far no flies in the coop, but we do have plenty flies outside. They don't bother me, because they were here before the ducks came. I also have a large outside foraging area (over 1 acre) for my 9 ducks so the poo does not become an issue at all. Just be aware that it is not the healthiest product even though it is marketed as natural.
People put out DE in dust boxes for the birds to wallow in, free choice. So long as you stay with fresh water DE-Fossil Shell Flour@ you're fine. If you use a lot of it often wear a dust mask. Breathing a lot of any dust be it saw dust, DE or house dust can bother a person. If you have asthma or lung problems always avoid any and all dust and pollen.

Yep and I have smoked for 48 years now and still breath fine that does not mean that I have no lung damage or run a higher risk of lung cancer now does it? If you insist of using it at least be sure it is Food grade and not the stuff used for filters as there is a limit on the amount of silica crystals in food grade while crystals are actually wantef in the filter material. PS it isn't very effective on internal parasites including worms.
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I jumped on the DE bandwagon two years ago and don't see that it's that great! I wear gloves and a mask because you have to be very cautious.

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