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central PA
Hey everyone,I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier in central PA for food grad DE.I'm in the Johnstown-Altoona area.Thanks Mike
I was going to order the 50lb bag but hate to pay $30 shipping to get it here, thats why I was looking for a local supplier.I don't mind driving 100 miles or so If I can pick it up.
Thanks Mike
McGeary Organics (1-800-624-3279) They are located in Lancaster PA. Be sure to mention "food grade".

I got mine from McGreary's in Lancaster--but I picked up so I don't know the shipping. The 50# bag was only like $32 though...They may have other locations or a distributor near you.
I heard that before, You have to call to make sure they will have it at the location you are gonna pick it up from, they dont have it in stock in Lancaster alll the time. I got #from Hinkjc, and after talking to person in Lancaster, they have other spots too, so I picked it up at one of thier rail yards, in Avondale. Its worth it to drive a little(though with gas prices today it may be cheaper to ship than to drive 100 miles), seems like most places online wanted as much for shipping as they did for the DE.
I got mine in Mount Joy, from the Custom Millings dealer, Kevin Zurin. If you look up the website, his information is under the Pennsylvania link. Very nice fellow to deal with, I think it's 29.00 for a 50lb bag.
Resurrecting an old thread with new info.

I just called our local Agway here in Western PA, and they carry food grade DE.

6 lbs jug $14.29 (ouch!)
40 lbs bag $21.99 (good!)

I'm not sure if all Agway stores carry it or not, but it's worth a call!

- JC

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