Dickey Incubator or New Roll-x with Rollers?


10 Years
Mar 21, 2009
Please help me decide! I have put off getting a new primary incubator for months. It can't wait any longer. It will be used entirely for waterfowl eggs and I need something that can really overcompensate for the very dry humidity in our area. Does anyone have the newer version of the Roll-X that is equipped with the Grumbach type rollers? I bet that is a dream for hatching duck eggs. I used to have a Grumbach and it was incredible. Having the rollers and the potential for a large water surface area is huge. The Roll-X would probably be awesome for our situation and type of eggs.

The main drawbacks to the Roll-X are the price and the size. I could only get probably 80 bantam duck eggs in there, so I would have to eventually get a second or third incubator. For less money, I could get a Dickey that would hold probably quadruple the number of eggs. That said, it is probably not *quite* as suited for waterfowl (although, I'm sure it would be great too). I am also a little concerned about being able to get adequate humidity in the Dickey as we are in a *very* dry climate. We have always had issues with being able to get enough humidity in our waterfowl incubators here in this area. When we lived in TX, the humidity was fine no matter what we used.

Which would you guys go with?
Thank you! That is what I am probably going to go with. I just can't justify the expense of the Roll-X, especially for the size.
Well, I don't know about the Roll-X, but I just got a Dickey, and am SO pleased with it so far! My first chick out of it just hatched today!!

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