Did anyone else see this??


Any more smilies I need to use????????? ARGH!!!! this makes me so mad!!! poor kittens....

ETA: Part of me agrees with SarahFair, but most of me put her on my pointy stick and rotisseried her.
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Oh my......how absolutely horrible if that is true.
And she looks like such a pretty and normal young lady.
However, anyone can post anything on craigslist. If I didn't see it from a reputable news source I would take it with a grain of salt.
If the first link I posted doesn't work google search cheyenne cherry and info should come up.
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I hope she gets some help... for a person so young, adult jail isnt really the way to help them with this kind of sickness.. she needs to be put in a treatment facility with ALOT of shrinks working on her...
I have signed the petition.... has anyone else. What she has done is disgusting and a threat to a lot more Innocents... what next "Roast an Infant" for fun...........
The really disturbing thing about this is that she seems to think that this type of "joke" is okay. How is killing a kitten a practical joke in anyone's mind? How is holding a gun to someone's head while you rob them a joke? Personally, I don't think I would want someone with those sociopathic tendencies being freed any too soon.

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