did I do the wrong thing whitewashing?

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  1. Zoomom

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    I read about whitewashing my coop and followed the instructions that said use hydrated lime and water then paint it on. It seems powdery even though it's dried overnight.
    Now I am reading that I should have got ag lime instead. Am I going to hurt my chickens???
    What should I do? As long as it's painted on will it be ok? I understand not to sprinkle the powder down on the ground.
    Should I rinse it off? Will it rinse off?
    I am getting them in a few days....
    Please advise. Thank you.
  2. JoeP

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    Aug 2, 2009
    Eastern Massachusetts
    Zoomom, I little more info might be helpful. What are the walls
    made of? Sounds like the mix didnt really get into what ever you
    are white washing. Maybe another application? If you did want to
    remove it and try another type of lime I wouldnt rinse it off.
    Moisture is bad, I would open the door and windows and brush
    it off the walls, and collect what you can. I hope this helps or
    opens more ideas.
  3. The little amount of chalky lime should not hurt them. Use a stiff brush and get off the loose stuff. You could paint a coat of Kilz over the whitewash area
  4. Zoomom

    Zoomom Certified Cackleberry Consumer

    Jan 22, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    The part of the coop that I whitewashed is made from various wood -mostly scraps and bargain bin stuff- including untreated spruce, old (over 5 years old) pressure treated fence boards and some pine shelf boards and an old weathered (from being outside) pine blanket box.
    Maybe I put it on too thick? I will try the stiff brush to scratch off the excess. I did 2 coats, some areas are thicker and seem like flaking, other areas are thinner and seem to have soaked in better, although when I touched up areas I missed, it looks like I am washing off the previous coat...does this seem right and will it be ok?
    i have to say it smells very clean and fresh and I love the brilliant white.
    Now when I need to wash the coop, should I just move the girls out, wash it with the power washer, then repaint with whitewash and let dry before letting the girls back in? Maybe that is a once a year job for a complete cleaning with new whitewash. What do you think?
    And thank you for your previous replies, Big Chicken Little and JoeP. It does reassure me I am not going to poison them.

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