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HI all.
I was in need to a couple more females for my flock and found some buff geese for sale in my area. (All the tolouse or african females were 2 hours+ away). Being new to the breed, I wanted to know if I found some nice birds and what is their exact breed? (They don't seem to be crosses.)


The middle goose's beak is the same colour as the other two. I don't know why it's darker in the picture.
I don't show my ducks or geese, or know anything about desirable qualities in them. However, I think your new babies are beautiful! Congratulations! I hope they fit in well with the rest of your babies.

There is no barred named British buff, so yes I would bet the breed is American Buff since they ate pretty common farm breed. They look good, how friendly are they towards you?

We have a blue American gander and a lavender American goose. Very nice birds, both tolerate being handled well.
I was told they are around 7 months. Brought them home a week ago and through an accident they were allowed into the pen with the other birds earlier than I hoped. They seem to be quite docile, and are still afraid of me but are starting to warm to the idea that I'm not a predator. I was also told they had been raised inside the house, but am starting to wonder about that. One of our alpha ganders finally let one into the pool this morning so I'm hoping things are starting to get better around here. I'm really hoping they warm up to me. It would be nice to have a goose come up and say hi who does not shriek my ear off.

One of our other males, (Quilliam, the one who thinks he's a dog) has tried to hang around with them but they won't talk back to him or interact at all.

Introducing new animals into my flock is something new to me, but we're doing it slowly . . . ..

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