Did i get a deal or what!?...PICS ADDED;)


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
I saw an ad online it said:
3 geese(2males, 1 female), plus all her eggs/babies for $30.. I have been looking for some geese for our 1 acre pond for quite some time, i have even baught eggs to hatch(2 hatched 1 died)..I believe i got a really good deal...I am going to pick them up tonight, i dont even know what kind they are....Wish me luck and i will post pics tomarrow;)
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Dounds like a GREAT deal! What are they??
They are brown chinese i do believe. Im going out tot ake pics this evening and will post them either tomarrow or sunday.. have a busy weekend..
We are keepin them fenced in until we get the fence completed around our pond.. We want to turn them and the ducks out on it but not until its finished.. We turned 12 ducks out on it last year and they all got ate by coyotes.. hopefully the fence will help...Our pond is 1 acre, there will be plenty for them to forage for in there:)
I can't see your pics..and it won't let me click on them to highlight them either...something weird is going on.
I'll check back later. I'd love to see them

Edite to say: thanks! Now I can! Cool looking geese!
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