Did I get lucky...


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
Back on May 8th I bought 10 more chickens from a local good ole boy. Originally I had planned on 10 Silver Sebrights that were a week or 2 old but when he showed me that he had newly hatched White Leghorns I went with 5 of each. In an ideal world with a group of 5 birds I'd personally like to have 1 good natured roo and 4 hens but since you can never tell about roos I'd rather be safe and go with 2 roos and 3 hens. I think it softens the odds a bit that at least one of the roos will be a good one. Never can tell though.

As it turns out I ended up with 2 roos and 3 hens on both sets of birds. Compared to the lack of conflict that I saw with the girls (8 TSC pullets) the WL roos are pretty aggressive in general for their part of the pecking order and eventually I think that I'll end up having to get rid of one each of the roos but for now I am happy with the way that the ratio worked out for me.

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