Did I Just Kill My Babies?


7 Years
May 1, 2012
I didn't turn my eggs this morning. Not quite sure how the heck I forgot.

Is there any chance they will make it?
Yes, the eggs are probably fine. What day are you on? I had eggs on their second week when Sandy hit, and the power was out for 8 days, however I got over 50% of them to hatch. It was one of my greater successes to date. As long as you regularly turn them then missing one turn shouldn't do damage. It always seems like chickens are so fragile and easy to lose, but they are an incredibly resilient animal. Best of luck! Let me know how the hatch goes.
Tear, tear.

I am happy your littles made it. And that you did too. That was some storm.

I am relieved to hear it though. Today is day 10.

Thanks so much!

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