Did I kill my May May by overtrimming her beak????

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  1. Last night I went into my coop to trim my precious May May's beak. She was a stray from Buffalo that i adopted back in October. She had been abused and what looks like debeaked. The bottom part of her beak was growing very long and starting to curve upwards.


    I took the pet nail trimmers out and sat down with her on my lap. Long story short, she moved when i moved, and I cut her beak back to far. She immediatly started to bleed all over the place. I grabbed a towel and ran for the house.

    I have never seen so much blood and all over. (you know how they fling stuff from their mouths) I sat with her for well over an hour trying to stop the bleeding. I though for sure she would bleed to death. I tried superglue on the tip, wax, everything short of cauterizing it. It would not stop. How much can a chicken bleed before they die? She would not let me put pressure on it to stop it for more than a second or two.

    Finally it seemed to stop on its own. She was pretty weak, but actually talked to me like nothing happened! I gave it 20 minutes and then started to get some water down her. She has drank so much blood, and lost so much. She was gulping yougurt and water, then it would start to bleed a little, i would take it away it would quit bleeding. I let her sleep in my lap for a few hours and she drank and seemed ok with it. She got up, walked around etc in my house for three or four hours. I put her back in the coop on her roost for the night. (she wanted back outside believe it or not)

    I went out this AM and she was on the ground with the other 9 like nothing happened. I gave her fresh room temp. water, some mash and went to work. Does it look like she will make it? Has anyone ever had this happen????

    I feel so bad.
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    The beak is a long way from the heart. As she is indicating to you this morning, she will be fine. See you spent a night worrying for nothing. [​IMG]
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    I wouldn't worry about it if shes acting fine this morning, chickens are tough little cookies! However, next time you trim her beak you might want to have some blood stop powder (you should be able to find it at your local feed store) on hand.


    P.S. Kudos on rescuing her! thats a very nice thing to do!!! [​IMG] Shes a cutie! [​IMG]
  4. ya, i know, i worry way to much about them. My momma told me last night when i was crying to her on the phone 'cause i felt so bad that ' they are chickens honey, let them go. Don't over do it with them." (we always had them growing up and never had any problems.) Maybe i am just coddling them to much.
  5. UPDATE: She is fine. I am a worry wort. [​IMG] She actually seems like she is happier now. She seems to be able to grab things easier with the shorter bottom.
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    Good job! We all worry over these feather-butts, but some has to, right?!? [​IMG]

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