Did I wreck my oven? What to do with it?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by MeatKing, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I turned on my oven with a hudge plastic container in it. Small fire, put it out.. Three days later now I go to clean it and thank god most of it was on "my oven drip tray thingy." But there's a pile about the size of a small plate, on the bottom. And there's a few drips still stuck to the elemate. I should I get this out? I can I get this out?
    Can I burn it off the elemets? Oven on low, windows open, keeping a close eye? Or is this too dangerous? (Please note, when I started this mess it was at 400 )
    What else can I do replace elements? Expencive, plus hubby it put've town and would like mess cleaned up before he gets home. He's won't be happy if I wrecked our stove.
    Ideas Please!
    Also need ideas to get it off bottom of oven.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    I'm NOT an electrician, so I'm just guessing.

    Recently put the lower element in Mom's stove. About $45.00 and two
    screws. Just took a few minutes.

    That would be the worse case.

    I would think you can safely clean the oven. Remove the drip tray and clean.
    If any heavy deposit on the element, chip it off. Then try a lower heat to soften,
    or melt the residue.

    Any small piece should simply melt away without the danger of a fire. May smell bad,
    but shouldn't be a fire.

    Be careful, and do keep an eyeball on it.

    And like I tell my wife...Don't do that anymore.
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    Jun 19, 2010
    San Diego, CA
    I would second the above posting with one minor change...

    1. Remove everything removable and clean in sink or outside with "Easy Off" oven cleaner and soap. (follow directions on can)

    2. Chip all excess material off from inside of oven and clean well with Easy Off. (stuff works great you just have to let it soak)

    3. Wipe oven out well and then burn off any remaining residue or smell with all windows open...

    That should take care of it! [​IMG] Hope this helps... I went through a similar thing a few years ago... but it was burning aluminum foil... [​IMG]
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    Thanks Everyone for your replies

    I will do the above burning it off with an eyeball on it!

    I will not do that again. So glad it can be fixed! We do i always break things when hubby is not here! Ahh

    Thank-you again for your imput!

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