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    That a cow can slip on a orange peel? I did, it was hilarious!!! It happened at work a few night ago. My friend brought two oranges, one for me and one for him, and we threw the peels out of the parlor as we ate the oranges. But my friend did not throw the peels out well, some landed on the threshold where the cows come in to be milked. One of the 1,500+ pound cow stepped on a piece about the size of a half dollar and slipped as she was coming in. At first we thought it was ice that she slipped on, but when we realized what it was, we laughed so hard. It was her rear left foot that stepped on it. What a night!

    And no, she did not get hurt, nor did she fall, she caught herself, and cows have 4 legs, so they don't fall easily as us two legged humans do.
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  2. Thank goodness it wasn't a banana peel! :D

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