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    Dec 8, 2011
    i am having a problem i found about 5 chicks this in my brooder dead from Monday to Wednesday this week. My brooder is 10x10 and I have 200 3 week old chicks in there. I keep feed and water to them at all times of the day and night they seem to be healthy can anyone figure out why I had 5 dead chicks in just a few days I don't think crowding is the problem but i don't know anyone know what the problem is?????? i keep heat on them at all times to so idk

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    How are you providing heat? A heat lamp?

    Chicks really need about 1-2 square feet per chick, so they are a bit crowded in a ten foot by ten foot space. The amount of square footage they need goes up as they grow as well. If you have a heat lamp, are they all piling on top of each other and possibly crushing the weaker ones? Where in the brooder are you finding the dead ones?
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    At 3 weeks, I'd also consider cocci -- are you using medicated feed?

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