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    Been trying to find information .Is there a way to tell the dfference between.All the varieties such as Bobwhite ;Nothern Bobwhite;Butler Bobwhite;Geogia Giant Bobwhite;Jumbo Bobwhite;Etc thanks cva34
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    Quote:From what I've investigated over the past 3 years or so, a "Northern" (which is the typical wild Bob) can be differentiated from a Butler........but if you spend time trying to differentiate Georgia Giants - from Jumbo Wisconsins - from Jumbo Bobs (as advertised by seller X, Y, and Z)...........you'll go to bed confused every night the rest of your life, if you dwell on it! It's all about ounces - even tenths of ounces in my opinion. If you process a 15 oz. Bobwhite, you'll have a hand full of nice plump breast/legs. Butlers, as JJMR raises, as larger. I'll let him chime on on weight. I just processed 36 (said) Georgia Giants a couple of weeks ago. These were nice big birds, in my opinion. I weighed every bird. The largest one, a hen, weighed 15-7/8 oz on a precision scale (that's head, legs, all...) To add a little twist to the heritage, the grandparents were half Jumbo Wisconsin (told by the supplier) / half Georgia Giants. The Georgia Giant is supposed to be a teeny bit heavier than the JW's. As it turned out, the JW's were larger in (frame) size as opposed to the GG's. (I didn't weigh the JW's.....wish I had have). Confused yet???
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    I would just say a jumbo is a jumbo is a jumbo, then there are northerns and butlers, and the differnt color varieties exp. White, Tenn. Reds, Mexican Speckled, and Snowflake Mexican Speckled. I think there are a couple more rare wild types but I'm not sure of them anyway so I won't confuse you. Eastern is also another name for Northerns.

    ETA: I think crested and masked bobwhite are the other (more rare) Wild types

    ETA: I stand corrected quail and just bobwhite alone have a very complex variety of species, subspecies, races, and Domestic Varieties.... http://www.gbwf.org/quail/index.html
    beleive most of the birds we keep came from the eastern (and possibly Texas) race/s of the Northern Bobwhite species which seems to be the most commonly kept.
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    My source of (most of my) eggs as of current: http://www.wadleyquailfarm.com/
    I was a betting man, I'd bet the difference in the GG's and JW's (on average) would need to be stated in "grams". (A stanard paperclip is ~ 1 gram).

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