Difference in Eggshell Color-BR vs.IB

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    Can anyone tell me if Barred Rocks and ISA Browns lay similar looking eggs? I think my BR is eating her eggs as soon as she lays them. She's 22 weeks and has been VERY RED in the face within the last 3 weeks, oh and she started the squat thingie at about the time her comb and wattles turned and grew. All I've found are small pieces of eggshell on the floor and one light brown egg with brown freckles. I am not 100% positive she's laying. Both of my IB's are laying in the nest box and those eggs are always fine. I have wooden eggs in the boxes too. Can anyone post pics of their BR eggs? Are they freckled?
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    They vary in the speckle dept. Some are, some are not.
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    I have three Barred Rocks. Some of their eggs are plain brown, sometimes they have a few sprinkles on them, and others are covered in speckles. I think they just vary. Try to catch her laying and take it as soon as you can. I had a delaware that would wait until the other girls layed their eggs and would jump un and crack into them. She quickly stopped when we added wooden eggs and golf balls. We also picked up our eggs more fequently so she would have less opportunity to get them.

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