differences in personalities?


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
Wheatfield, NY near NiagFalls
I'm curious to know if anyone has seen a difference in behavior/personality between hatchery chicks and home hatched chicks. Just sitting here, thinking about all the conveyor belts and noise and craziness the babies go through, and wondering if home hatched babies are any calmer.

Your thoughts or experiences?
Actually, our hatchery chicks are a lot more calm and sweet than our hatched chicks. Just our experience, but I would be very interested to see what other's are...
I never owned hatchery chicks. I do all mine by incubator but my silkies are tame and my buff orps are to. Lady said she has never owned a tame silkie and here are skittish. when she held the 2 silkie roos she was in love and said. How did you get them to be so docile and tame. . So I dont know? Luck?

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