different chicks with cocci am i treating correctly?


8 Years
Jan 7, 2012
This pic is not what the poop looks like this time.One of my chicks is pooping funny. It is the only one so far. The chick is about two months old. It doesnt seem sick. It is still eating and active. I need to find out before I lose any of them. Today is the first day I noticed the poop.
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Usually sick birds act sick, ruffled up, standing around. That looks like regular poo to me. If it's more of a brownish color it's normal. If it is red-red, it may be cocci. But it doesn't look that red in the picture.
Thanks for answering. I would hate to lose them to something I could do something about. I will keep watch on them and see if any start acting sick. Thanks again. I would rather worry over nothing then not worry over something serious.
These are not the same ones from the first time i asked this question.My 3 week to 6 week chicks are pooping blood. It is red no brown color at all. Looks like straight blood no poop. They are huddling together and puffing up. I have started them on the corid. I'm giving them mash mixed with vitamin water and yogurt. Do I need to do any thing else or different? They are still eating and drinking. Do I need to treat the older birds even though they are in a separate run divided by a fence?
I checked today and no bloody poop. Is that normal after 24 hours of treatment? Does that mean I caught it in time or is something else wrong with them? They are still huddling together and puffing up. I'm going to do the 5 day treatment anyway.
Yes, be sure and keep treating them. I had some chicks with Cocci last month. It took 3 or 4 days to see them act normal again.

You shouldn't have to treat your other birds that are seperate.
I'm not keeping all of the chicks. How long should I wait before I sell or give any of them away. I don't want anyone getting their flock sick.

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