Different colored chick


11 Years
Jan 15, 2009
Sullivan, Indiana
I just hatched some eggs lst week and they are all doing really good, but I have one little chick that is all black when the rests are about half black and half white. What gives?

They are pure bred black austrolorps, and I know I didn't have any baby chicks that looked like this when I first ordered them and I had 3 roos so I know that can't be it.

Just a little curious
You can get pure black in down color of black birds. A friend of mine hatched out Black Ameraucana eggs and he said all the chicks he ever hatched were pure black. Now I raise Black Ameraucanas as well and I gave him some of my eggs to hatch. He was concerned when the chicks hatched with white on them as well. I said do not worry, they do not keep it. I would say maybe do not worry about it. Down color sometimes is not reflective of what they will be when they grow up.

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