Differnt shades of feathers on the same breed


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
Southwest IN
This year in 4H I am showing chickens like I do every year. I have my eye on my newhamp and astrolorps. You can take 6 chickens to the show total but you can only show two pairs of pullets. I am going to show my two roosters in exibition class. And for pullets I have my two black astrolorp pullets picked out and then it came to my attention that I have two shades of new hampshires. One pair is real light while the other looks like RIR with out black on their hackle feathers. I noticed that in my bufforpingtons too. So which shadeof new hamp is right light or dark. And can some one put a link to some website that I can look at the standard of prefection. Thanks!!!!

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