Diffrence between Guniea fowl and Chickens

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Chicken03, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Whats the diffrence between a guniea fowl and a chicken besides a how they look. Do they stay in coops? Can they fly or just flutter? Do they lay as many eggs?
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    the can fly right over the barn [​IMG] the guineas, they are also a lot nosier. but if you got ticks they are the best, if your looking for egg stick with chickens, they mostly will not go in.
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    Quote:Different families and species (chickens are domesticated Red Junglefowl, in Phasianidae & Guineafowl are domesticated Helmeted Guineafowl in Numididae). Free-range Guineafowl will often roost indoors if they are comfortable in the area, or will use trees. They fly very well and will roam quite far from their home. The wild versions will lay up to 30 eggs per clutch, so I assume the domestics will lay more.

    Check out - http://www.guineafowlinternational.org/ and http://www.gfba.org/

    are cool birds. We keep a couple that free-range with our other domestic birds for tick control and to alarm us when there is something going on.

  4. Guineas need more than two to thrive. They seem to need about 4 to make what is called the "unimind". THey Continually talk to each other and can alert to just about any thing. This is why you need more than 2 because they will alert to just about anything.

    They fly very remarkably. I have seen my Guineas fly well above the chicken barn and over to another building 100 feet away and land on this roof. So you will not be able to keep them fenced in.

    They do go to the chicken bard at night, but I trained them and have had them from day olds.
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    If only I could move to my farm.... I'd have large flock of Gunieas, quail and pheasants.

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