Dilemma.....what do you think?


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
East Syracuse
I've got a roo with my girls, you'd think he'd be busy enough with all 22 of them that he'd leave my poor EE girls alone! Not a chance, he has stripped their backs and whatever's-left the other girls finish for him!
Soooo, due to my recent mishap with online ordering (waiting for a new debit card), ummmm........can someone suggest a quick fix? Maybe vetrap over their backs until I can get some saddles. Since, I don't plan to use this pinhead for breeding, should I just dump his butt on craigslist and have some peace and quiet? I've got plenty of room in the coop and run, so feather picking out of boredom isn't really the issue here. I'd let them out to free range, but on what? There's no grass, just mud in spots and we're in for another lovely winter storm, so.....I think I'll just keep them in the run until drier weather abounds. When that'll happen is anyone's guess!

Do you think getting rid of him will solve the problem? TIA!!
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Well, I have tried the hen aprons and they do work depending on how your hen tolerates it. I had one that just walked around funny for 3 weeks and kept working it off. lol They make an anti pick spray which might or might not work. Getting rid of him or putting him in a separate area might be the only way to get it to stop completely. Good luck!

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