Dirty Bottom and Maybe slightly red poop?


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Mar 4, 2017
These chickens flew into our garden a week apart about 3 months ago, when I put pictures on here it was guessed at around the 3/4 month mark and a light Sussex. About three weeks her poo went red (not blood red) but I thought it was the multi vits in her water which has iron and red in colour. So I since stopped the vits to see if it helped, the poo looks slightly less red but the last two weeks Elsa's bottom has got very dirty!! She is eating and drinking lots throughout the day, energentic as usual. With the age estimates I received on here she is about 6 months old.
These are our first chickens we have had, and as said they were a surprise but they have been fab chickens and love having them
Here, we are total beginners though!
She has access to a soil pit to dig about and is constantly digging her straw and sawdust and making a mess!
Advice please , pics attached.


What else are you feeding? If you feed a good ration there is no need for extra vitamins, and certain vitamins you can give too much of.
All I am feeding them is layers pellets and meal worms occasionally. I do put greens in but they don't eat it.
thanks for replies
Some of my chickens have poopy bottoms, especially the fluffier ones so it doesn't mean anything sometimes, except some are just messy.

It could be the meal worms give her a bit of loose droppings from the higher protein.

I guess you could wash her bottom and see if it's staining or an active problem.
I have 5 Wyandottes, one of them get dirty butt feathers which I trim but her eggs come out clean. You also could try some ACV (with Mother, Bragg) in their water, 1T to a gallon. I find it helps their digestive system. Fermenting feed helps too, there's a thread on it here, that's how I learned about it.

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