Dirty Eggs, Looks like tracks from dirty feet


Jul 18, 2020
S. Florida
I have four hens in a 4x8 tractor with a 4x4 “upstairs coop“. I had been moving every day, but no matter what I did, they would dig a hole so now that part of my lawn looks like the moon.

Whether I moved it every day or have it in the same spot like now, the eggs are generally dirty with what appears to be just dirt from their feet. Not a huge deal as it cleans up with a little water and a sponge, but as I understand it, that removes the bloom.

My question is, if I were to cover the run with mulch or pine needles(we have Australian pines) or even pine shavings, would that help or should I be looking at a different problem? I’m considering increasing the size and a going to a more semi-stationary 6x12 coop and run so I can go to six bids in the future.
Yes that would probably help. I still get some mud/dirt on my eggs since we always have rain, but in order to lay my flock has to hop up some concrete steps and then across the dry coop litter to get into the nest boxes, which helps "wipe off" their feet a bit.

I really should've put the nest boxes furthest away from the door to maximize the effect, but even traveling a couple feet over dry litter can help get some of the muck off.

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