May 19, 2011
I was successful in incubating 3 eggs to birth, but only 2 survived. They are 7 weeks old now and in with the rest of my crew in the coop. One is great, normal chick, the other upon closer inspection doesn't have wings, only nubs.... and has a deformed foot. She's quite a runt but is catching up to her sister. My crew have pretty much accepted both of them as part of the crew. I expected them to pick on the babies and really don't as long as they have access to outside. During the recent Hurricane Sandy, I took the two chicks to the house to avoid any harrassment. I've considered getting her a social security number and having her as a deduction on my taxes... <smirk> Maybe some SSI.... I've seen people getting disability income with far less disability. I figure she will be with us forever. :) I digress.... Will the lack of wings be a problem as she gets older? Thanks so much!
if you show her, lack of wings will surely not place her 1st. Living as a wingless chicken will be very difficult for her because she cant fly to the roost. You may have to pick her up and put her on the roost ( that sure will make her used to you!) . Also if she haches her own chicks there is a problem because wings are very important to keepeing her eggs warm. But you can always incubate them! I'm very sorry about her lack of wings :(, but she still will probably be a very happy chicken :)
Watch her as she grows if she has a problem getting to something you could make it more accessable. You could make a lower roost or ramp to the roost
Unfortunately, she snuck out of the brooder and got in with the rest of the crew and out the door. It's the only explanation I can come up with because the dear lil soul is gone. I can only imagine that a hawk caught sight of her and decided to have lunch.
awww i feel really sad now
I know how that feels too! last summer i went awy on vacation not knowing the coop was not fully secure and when i came back all of my 13 chickens were killed. I fell really sorry for you

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