Discharge from nares


May 25, 2020
Olympia, Washington
Hello! Not sure if this is a problem, or just dirty chickens. Is this normal, or should I be investigating some sort of respiratory illness?
There is some sneezing and ear scratching, but I’m pretty new at this and don’t have a really good gauge of what’s abnormal. It seems like not a lot.
they have a 80 square foot coop within a large barn, with tons of ventilation. Deep bedding with weekly cleanup, and a 900 square foot-ish run they’re in all day. Of course, we live in the pacific north wet and everything is wet and miserable. And the run in muddy and mucky, so I’m working on more wood chips.

Do all the chickens have these symptoms? If so, you likely are dealing with a common respiratory illness. Mycoplasma gallisepticum. The treatment is Tylosin. https://www.jedds.com/shop/tylan-soluble-100-g/
Thank you! I will try that.

I also opened up the gate to the uncovered paddock next to their covered, fenced run. That adds another 400-ish square feet for them.


I’m going to get some hog fuel for the run. Its just really squishy and gross. It’s almost 1000 square feet, but I’m not sure how many yards I should get. Is there any sort of guide for how deep It should be and how much to get per square foot?

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