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May 16, 2020
We have our first chicks and one gosling, raised together for a guard goose. We are wanting to provide healthy supplements, but are confused about probiotics and coccidiosis preventative. Please advise!


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Apr 9, 2013
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Good morning. You can feed the chicks medicated feed or you can let them build immunity naturally against coccidiosis, the choice is yours. I have never given chicks medicated feed, they go outside at 2 or 3 days and exposure to the dirt and grass takes care of it for me. My flock has never had coccidiosis overload. I give my chickens liquid vitamins in their water once a week but I've had Marek's in my flock in the past. You really shouldn't need to supplement a lot if you provide good feed and don't over do treats. Probiotics once in a while are fine too. Some people ferment the feed and that's a good way to help their guts, my flock loves it. Electrolytes are also a plus when the weather gets warm.
I don't know anything about geese but I'm sure someone will be along to answer. You can also try the Geese forum specifically. Good luck with your flock!

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