Disease spread from human to chicken?


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Sophia, NC
For the past month I have had mono, epstein barr mono to be exact and I was wondering since it's a strand of herpes virus could I have spread it to my chickens? The vet says humans can spread herpes viruses to chickens and all my chooks recently became infected with ILT I was assuming from the flea market chicken I brought home (rookie mistake I will never make again) but what if it wasn't the flea market chicken what if it was me? ╥﹏╥
What sicknesses can people spread to their chickens, are there any diseases a chicken can give to a human?
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Thank you for the replies, and Dawg53 I will definitely not be buying grown birds ever again. I will try to call my bird vet and ask about diseases people can spread to chickens.

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