disheveled chicks


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
I am a first time chick raiser and my 3 girls are almost two weeks right now. Everything is going great and I love them to death, they are very entertaining and getting rowdier every day.

I noticed yesterday that they are starting to look a little disheveled, for lack of a better word. Especially on the backs of their necks- like their feathers are thinning. Their wings look a little scraggedly too, but I think it is new feathers coming in. They are pest free. They are starting to squabble over pecking order, so I don't know if they are pulling feathers out, or if this is just a growing phase. The other variable is that I have them at school (I am a kindergarten teacher) and the chicks have been on tour to other classrooms, so they are being handled by a lot of little kids. I always make the kids wash their hands before they hold the chicks and closely supervise to make sure they are gentle.

Should I be worried?

On another note, a teacher down the hall is hatching out quail eggs for 4H to release and I got to see one pop out of its shell today!

Thanks for the advice!
I'm no expert, I'm sorta new at this also, but my 3 week olds are looking scraggly
I think it's the new feathers coming in also.


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