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  1. glandeche

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    Mar 9, 2009
    I have a 8'x8' coop that houses 20 buffs......along with a large pen.....question is what do I use to disinfect the coop, also have a small brooder......is there a spray that will not hurt the birds.....help!
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    In one gallon of water, add one cup of bleach and one cup of vinegar. I put it in a sprayer and spray down the barn and scrub the roosts with it. It's a good a disinfectant around the livestock without using harsh chemicals. [​IMG]
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    A 1/2 c bleach to a gallon of water will be super strong for cleaning. Some folks use a milder solution on their runs.
    Just avoid them drinking the liquid and rinse well, air dry.

    I'm sure you can use less bleach, but I'm going in with both barrels !!! Aggggh

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