Dislocated Beak / Beak Injury


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Jun 12, 2009
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I think I know the answer to this, but...

We have a hen who seems to have dislocated her beak. I don't think that it is scissorbeak or crossbeak since I would have surely noticed a problem before now. Plus, she has some feather loss on her head. I am thinking that she had some injury or maybe a run-in with a small predator? However it happened, her bottom beak is at a 90 degree angle from where it should be. She is getting some water, somehow, but I know she is having a hard time with food. Of course she would! I am concerned that there is no hope for this little girl. Any ideas would be great. If we do need to cull her, I will need some advice on how to do so. I have had to put other animals down, but not a chicken.

Thank you!


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Well, no one replied, but I thought some one might be interested to know that I woke up this morning and the little girl had somehow managed to pop that thing back into socket. I cannot believe it either. I guess I need to chalk this one up to: trust nature!


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WOW!! I think its amazing! I have never had any of my birds have beak problems, but I honestly thought she would have had to be put down. Just keep an eye on her, if it happens more and more often, you may still have to put her down. As long as she is eating and drinking ok, she will be fine. She is real pretty too!!

Are you sure that's the same bird though? One has orange legs, and one greenish legs. One a white face, and one a red face. One has a comb, the other doesn't.

I really never thought about them dislocating the jaw, so naturally would have wondered how the thing would eat, and drink. I"m glad it went back without intervention! WOW!
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WOW WOW..Triple WOW!

Clicked this thread because It was on a topic that probably was my bleakest experience while chickeneering. So happy to see the outcome to your situation. Oh Oh, just scrolled down to see Not The Mommas' post and your reply....<tap><tap><tap>...<--almost patiently, waiting.


Okay, so maybe I REALLY wanted to believe it... I went out and ran around and counting and recounting and looked... and I swore it was the same bird, but alas...

She came out of hiding and things are still looking bad for the little girl.

I can't believe I really thought it had corrected itself. Just goes to show you the power of suggestion! I begged my husband to come out and make sure I wasn't crazy- he should've done it!!


I really wanted to believe it too. Good lookin' out "NotTheMomma"
At least the OP knows now that she is still out there and not doing well. It will die of starvation if it can't eat. Poor baby!
I know... it is breaking my heart. I have no idea what happened to her. Surely if it were a predator there would be more damage than that, or someone else would have died!

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