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    Jan 31, 2017
    I've got a blue swedish that just loves to be under peoples feet and today we had a little accident. I was carrying some things inside, accidentally kicked him, heard a snap(I think), and now the poor little guy is limping around. I've only got one pair of hands at the moment, but from what I can feel there's no obvious break, however the leg in question is now able to bend away from the body at the knee(? first joint up from the foot) whereas the healthy leg seems unable to do this.

    My question is: how should I deal with this? Splint? Let him be? This happened less than an hour ago, but I haven't noticed any swelling, yet. He's really just doing his best not to put any weight on it.

    Thanks in advance
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    I've had a horse step on a duck and break it's back - managed to keep it alive by keeping it in small pen (4x4) with a small tub deep enough for it to fully float.

    I have done this with other ducks that have hurt just legs as well. Just make sure they don't get stuck in the water - they can actually drown or get too cold - I've seen it happen.

    I think when they get a chance to float it takes the weight off the injuries?
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    Tub time definitely helps - you may also want to use vet wrap to support the leg - tricky part is to make it snug enough, but not too snug so that it reduces circulation.

    I like certain plant-based remedies, and comfrey salve may help. Just a dab rubbed into the leg twice a day, after tub time and at bedtime.

    Also in case of injury I like adding vitamins to the water once a week for a boost.

    Please keep us posted! There is a Duck Forum with helpful folks there, too.

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